Sardinia – my new crush!

I think I left a little of my heart and soul in Sardinia. Definitely going back some day – turquoise clear water for swimming, good food and wine eaten al fresco, lovely people and all those beautiful tanned families having fun! Did however pay 78 Euros for a 1.3 kg sea bass of which I thought they would only serve me a portion. My hair has been a Brillo pad for a week and I should have taken the boat to the grotto rather than climb down and up the cliff in 32 degree heat. Wonderful trip with Steve, the girls and their fellows!

Valkenburg Markets

Steve and I went on a bus tour to the Christmas markets before the holidays. We ate a lot of pie with whipped cream and enjoyed a bit of shopping with gluhwein and potato pancakes. We went to see a Nativity scene that was carved out of sand – isn’t the camel gorgeous exhausted after his long trip from the East! The bus driver also dressed up as Santa and amused passersby as we waited for the bus to fill up.