Two posts from my new job – priorities?

16th October 2013

My new job is going well. I love having access to an onsite canteen and I negotiated a nine-day-fortnight so every second Friday off. The science is way above me at the moment but I am already excited about learning new things.

8th October 2013

The first day was overwhelming to say the least, but I must remember that I don’t have to have everything done by this afternoon! Most of my time was spent getting acquainted with my computer and the office systems; as well as trying to find the ‘ladies’ in a building with modular units for which you need a pass to travel through without the doors locking behind you. I didn’t get my pass until 3 ish so you can imagine my dilemma.

Social Gaff

Just commented to one of my less known neighbours as he carried a baby around his front yard, “I didn’t know you had grandchildren?” Nearby his wife was putting a three year old boy into a booster seat in their car. “That would be fine,” he replied, “except these aren’t our grandchildren…they’re our children!” Ooops, but in my defence he does have grey hair and I’ve never seen the kids around before. I beat a hasty and embarrassed retreat.

Rainy day Sunday

Yesterday afternoon, we took Peps for a walk to Henley. We decided to walk from Mill Meadow’s car park to Shiplake College, about an hour return trip, says Steve. Two hours later (Pepper valiantly trucked along for the entire duration!!) we returned to our car having only walked three quarters of the entire distance and back again. The rain descended heavily for the last mile or so. In the car we had a flask of sweet tea and two pieces of homemade carrot cake each – it didn’t seem like it would get any better than that. Then suddenly the band, who were giving a Sunday concert at the Henley bandstand (about 100 yards from our car), burst into a repetoire of James Bond music. We ended our long damp walk having cake and tea surrounded by lovely melodies and, unfortunately, the smell of wet dog.

Wishing for the crisp cool of Autumn

Wishful thinking – today I went armed with socks, wellies and a rain jacket on my walk with Peps at Runnymede. I haven’t worn socks for six months so nearly tipped over in the parking lot trying to put them on. The wellies protected my feet from some slightly dewy grass and got very hot – would have been cooler to wear my sandels as Runnymede had no mud in sight despite the promised rain. The raincoat went round my waist and kept my middle nice and dry from the ten raindrops that actually fell. Guess it’s not as autumnal as I thought it was going to be!

One-sided conversation

  • Had an interesting conversation with a lady at the park this morning in which I didn’t say a thing! She pointed at Pepper, “Is that a Norwich Terrier? Do you know how I can tell?” I opened my mouth to answer, but she provided all the details and didn’t require a response. “This is a lovely park isn’t it? There’s lots of shade and I have friends nearby so I can go have coffee.” Blah, blah, blah…then she said, “Well, we must get on” as if I had been holding her up! “Have a nice afternoon”, I ventured to say. She raised her hand in farewell and didn’t say a word.

Britons at the Beach

Had a lovely time with Steve and Peps at Aldeburgh, Sussex today. With its shingle beach, quaint houses, huge gulls and weathered boats it was a great chance to take lots of photos. There was a hundred yard queue at the fish and chop shop so it must be a good spot. However, we made do with sandwiches and cherries on the beach – bonus – no sand in the food!

The best in town!
Getting lost in the shingle!
Love the tutu!

Sunday siesta Time to read and read...


Patchwork walls?

I’m on a roll today – should take up blogging instead of boring Facebook with my views on the world. I went to Reading yesterday to return some wallpaper. There should be an easier way to view all the variety of patterns and colours available rather than bringing home an irregular shaped sample torn off the roll or a huge book that won’t stay open at your colorway? Perhaps, B&Q et al should sell (for like a £1) packages of precut wallpaper samples in certain themes or hues? Do you think TV shows like the Dragon’s Den might me interested? Or as a quilter I could paste all the squares onto the wall and create a new kind of decorating trend.

Swear words and little ears

While I was out with Peps yesterday I saw three ‘young ladies’ out in their front yard having a gab and a fag. Nothing wrong with that, however, the expletives were coming thick and fast and one of them had a three year old daughter running in and out of the house. Honestly, this is the same girl who will be smacked for swearing at her mother when she’s seven. I know I use bad words occasionally (ahem) but my current little responsibility is such a good boy – I have never heard Pepper repeat any of my choice words yet!

A visit to Runnymede

Had an interesting walk with Peps at Runnymede this morning. I met a man wearing a Russian style fur hat who told me he had military secrets from the Russians and the Italians that he was willing to publish; he also said that since the Queen had never given land to any of her subjects we were not bound by feudal law to pay homage to her! I came back to the car vowing never again to say “good morning” to complete strangers. Then on the way home I watched a policeman walk across the M25 (six lanes of motorway!) with his hand in the air and all the traffic stopped in a straight line across the road. What a bizarre outing.