Bath Immersion

Had a lovely weekend with my youngest daughter – we visited a new quilt store, had breakfast for lunch, stayed in a lovely rural hotel with a view (see below), treated our bodies to a facial and hot pool soaks and ate a great steak dinner!  That was only the first day.

On the Sunday we had a fantastic breakfast at an old favourite haunt, wandered through the Bath Christmas market, completed most of our Christmas shopping lists and went through the Fashion Museum in the basement of the Assembly Rooms.

It was a great two day break in which we didn’t stop talking!

Christchurch Cathedral, Oxford

My women’s group went on a guided tour of Christchurch College at Oxford University yesterday. We got to see the cathedral and had tea in the Harry Potter dining hall but the highlight was the library which has 8,000 pre 1800s books in its collection. As a special treat the librarian showed us this parchment outlining the charter of the College with Henry VIII’s signature and seal! Amazing! One of the many wonders of living in England and being able to see items from the 1500s.

Croatia cruise

The view from the top deck of our boat moored for the night in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Just spent the day exploring the Old Town with the thousands of visitors who came to see the Game of Thrones and Star Wars filming locations. We have seen neither show!

Today’s nighttime picture is of Kurcola – a mini Dubrovnik with 95 percent less people. We got this short boat trip to Croatia on sale and I’d recommend it to anyone. We’re the only ones from the UK – there’s Aussies, Kiwis, Americans and Cape Towners who are all doing the trip as part of a grand tour of Europe. They are all annoyed that we only had a two hour flight to get here!

Typical view along the coast as we sailed along.

Sicily in ten days

I love taking photos on my holidays but when I come back with 500 for a ten day holiday I have a lot of trouble paring them down. Anyway, here’s a small selection from Sicily – a very busy, noisy, deserted buildings, graffiti riven place but with gorgeous turquoise seas, history rich destinations and warm friendly people as well. And the food!!

Two months in Oz

In September and October 2018 I was lucky enough to have 7 1/2 weeks touring the southern half of Australia.  It was an amazing trip, but what impressed me most was the variety of unique birds and animals that exist in this country.  Thought I’d bore you with a few shots of these amazing creatures rather than the usual tourist fare of buildings and bridges etc.


Glorious Corsica

Just returned from a glorious week in Corsica – thanks to my Mum, sister Diana and brother Richard who gave Steve and I the flights for our significant birthdays this year. Travelling there and back wasn’t easy and we had 35 degrees most days, but that just made the beaches and pool/aircon at the hotel much more welcome.

The mountains in southern Corsica give the Rockies a run for their money with craggy peaks jutting into the sky and beautiful vistas on high switchback roads. Even indulged in a dip in a rock pool to cool off – got my clothes totally soaked but dried off in only half a hour in the heat. The first few photos are of Bonifacio, a citadel town, which doesn’t understand the meaning of “town planning” and “building frontage” – I would hate to live on that cliff face!


Chateau Bashing in the Loire

A dear friend of ours once told us about how he loved to go “chateau bashing” in France – the meaning being that one knocked as many chateaus off one’s list for every visit. Steve and I just got back from four days in the Loire Valley where we explored eight chateaus in four days Usse, Amboise, Chaumont, Blois, Azlay-le-Rideau, Vilandry; Chambord and Cheverny). Every one is different and has a unique claim to fame. We wandered around the interiors of the buildings, but we also took lots of pictures, visited the gardens and had numerous leisurely picnic lunches under the trees.

We walked for miles, but I never got bored of any of the properties, although I had to rest the old bones in the evenings after dinner out and a few Kirs, of course!


Magnificent Tyntesfield

I recently took a one day course on silk shading in Bristol – I may post a picture of the fox design if I finish it soon.  As a treat we travelled down the day before and spent the afternoon at Tyntesfield, a National Trust property near Bristol.  The setting and the interiors are magnificent as is the inspiration for future embroidery projects.  Have a look…



I dream of the sea!

I would love to retire to Cornwall one day, but I have to convince Steve of its merits. We recently spent a few days there to check out different areas. It’s gorgeous and my heart belongs on a beach; there were also two fabulous quilt stores that I could quite easily support! But Steve is right, it’s a long way from the kids and Heathrow.

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