Hidden in the attic

Many years ago my mother bought me a pleating machine for smocking on the proviso that if she ever needed anything pleated I would have to do them for her. A year ago she gave me three items to be pleated – she said there was no hurry. Do you think I could find that pleating machine in the myriad of boxes and junk that is our attic (it is not something I use on a regular basis)? We’ve looked many times over the last 12 months, but this weekend, determined, Steve and I were not going to rest until we found it. Today success and I now have three Christmas balls pleated for her ready for stitching. I also have a much, much more tidy attic along with a firm belief that the last thing written on the box lid is not always what’s inside!!

Flowers are my inspiration

The tulips in our garden were particularly good this year. Then a visit to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Wisley Gardens provided even more photo opportunities for taking flower pictures. Oh and a couple of photos of a duck who was investigating my ice cream during a quick break. Isn’t nature wonderful?


Spring flowers

Colour and activity is slowly coming back to the UK as Spring begins its steady passage towards Summer.  These pictures were taken in the Cotswolds and in Freeland, Oxfordshire – perfection in the petals and the new lambs.

Christmas is bright in the capital

Steve and I went into London yesterday to see the Christmas lights and windows along Oxford Street, Regent Street and Trafalgar Square. I took a few pictures on my iPhone and thought you might enjoy seeing some of the displays especially those of you who don’t live quite so close to London. The Santa displays are in the Selfridges’ windows; the foxes and other animals are John Lewis (love the foxes taking a picture with a selfie stick). My profile picture shows us in Trafalgar Square in front of the Christmas tree that is annually sent from Norway as thanks to the UK for services rendered in WWII.

img_1434 img_1437 img_1439 img_1441 img_1455 img_1460 img_1464 img_1468 img_1477 img_1480 img_1483 img_1489 img_1492 img_1501 img_1505

Buzzzzy taking pictures

My daughter, Claire, and I have this competition going right now to see who can take the best photos of bees or bugs up close. Don’t ask me why, but I guess we both have fancy cameras and want to see who can use the technology best.

So Claire…after visits to Hampton Court Palace gardens and Mount Stewart gardens here’s my latest offering. Do you concede?

14039939_742673109216587_8793395259426211722_n 14064034_742673045883260_939341209909033932_n 14064134_742673105883254_1108016086552365872_n 14064150_742672982549933_2506997816021131015_n 14064244_742673139216584_2072428576076756036_n 14068073_742673072549924_6211344654970054600_n 14068313_742672979216600_5255779655616902268_n 14079521_742673009216597_5941897984934998242_n

An afternoon requiring the ultimate patience

Today was the ultimate test of my patience. It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to drive five miles to work this morning due to road works and a broken down bus. After work I decided I needed to drive to Camberley to go to the big Marks & Spencers for some things – M3 between Junction 3 & 4A had a 45 minutes delay. I was going to Junction 4A so turned around and went home, but M25 was chockablock so it took another hour to go the same five miles! Got a cup of tea, decided to look at Facebook, so computer starts important updates and took one hour to complete. Three hours and 40 minutes spent waiting today and for people who know me that is an accomplishment in itself!!

Online frustration

It has been a comedy of errors with online shopping this Christmas – theirs and mine. Two presents never being sent and one being sent to the wrong address. Ah well, smile! I have all the blessings I need and what are more material possessions going to add to that? Still I wish my Mum’s parcel would get here as she always sends us the best stocking fillers. Merry Christmas everyone!