My Quilt Designs

I include stories about all the quilts I make in the blog section of this website but I thought I would separate out my own quilt designs and highlight them here.

I’d like to sell patterns of these designs and/or have them published in a quilting magazine but so far that has not happened. I learned a lot about promoting my “business” at the Threads of Success conference I attended in October 2019. Using those ideas I’ll keep plugging away trying to develop the triciamustsew brand – meanwhile my small collection of original quilting projects is here for your perusal. My contact details are listed elsewhere on this website.

Time to Close the Cabin – flannel log cabin with appliqued/embroidered leaves
My Tile Floor quilt – Mix of flannel and cotton applique on cotton background
This is a very easy quilt as the applique is raw edge secured with a small stab stitch so the designs can be very intricate as there are no edges to turn under!
Leftovers – flannel quilt with flannel applique (using stab stitch for simplicity)
When a friend gives you a plaid to make a quilt what do you do? You create a secondary plaid design accentuated with simple flowers. I am a stickler for straight lines in plaids so this pattern requires precision cutting and piecing.
Versatile tote bag – I have made over forty of these tote bags which can range in size from a lunch bag to a tote big enough to hold a full-size quilt. Each bag is based on the size of the setting squares and the quilting is simple because it is done before the bag is assembled.