Early days in Somerset & Devon

We’ve been in our new house in Wellington, Somerset for just over a month now, but already we have explored a lot of the outlying countryside – a good outdoor break for the lockdown blues!

First we found Wellington Park in our new hometown and it is a real gem dating back to the coronation of King Edward VII around 1901.

Next we took a walk along the Taunton and Bridgwater (yes, the ‘e’ is missing in the town name) Canal. We discovered a wonderful tea room where we can take visitors in the future plus we loved the Dr Seuss-like trees created by the balls of mistletoe in the branches. The narrow boats are much shorter than in Henley-on-Thames because the locks are much shorter.

The National Trust came up trumps for our next visit when we discovered the gorgeous property of Knightshayes Court. The Impey Trail has a lung busting hill but it is a great place to walk for building up stamina and steps.

Of course, we had to head to the coast at some point and a bitterly cold walk on Saunton Sands blew away all the “cobwebs” and gave us a new appreciation for the power of nature. Man, it was cold!

Our latest expedition took us to the Valley of Rocks in Exmoor National Park. The nearby town of Lynton has a steep chair railway that takes visitors from the town down to the beach level and brings them back up at the end of the day. It’s been used since Victorian times. There’s a narrow cliff path leading from the town to the Valley of Rocks. Nimble goats graze on the gorse bushes down the side of the rocks – how do they do that without falling over the side?

I love our new house and I think the surrounding area provides lots of scope for new adventures for a person who loves to be outdoors amidst the majesty of the natural world. I’ll keep you posted.