Trish Burr Level 1

As you may be aware, I am currently working on my Royal School of Needlework Diploma in Hand Embroidery. One of the units I have coming up is Advanced Silk Shading and I have to work on an animal or a bird. To practice for this unit I decided to enrol in the Trish Burr online Level 1 course for silk shading. Trish teaches a slightly different method of “painting with thread” than the RSN does, but I thought the practice would be good.

Trish Burr’s Level 1 does not feature a bird or an animal but it was a great exercise for blending colours and filling in various shapes. The result is shown below. When I get a chance I will sign up for Level 2 (a dragonfly) and Level 3 (a bird and flower).

Trish Burr Level 1 – a bit wobbly in places but a good exercise in thread painting.