On the way home from Niagara Falls

Memories of Niagara Falls, Canada and a beach in Bournemouth, UK are roused by the cherries in this quilt!

When I first moved to Toronto, Canada way back in 1969 the first place we had to visit was Niagara Falls. Back then it wasn’t a glitzy trap for tourists and you could approach the guard post that separated the USA and Canada. The first highlight of the day was when my Dad let me, with an encouraging smile from the border guard, straddle my feet across the line between the two countries. Wow, we’d just moved to Canada and I’d even visited the United States all in one week!

What does this have to do with this quilt you ask? The second highlight of the day was when we stopped at a roadside fruit stand on the way home and my Mum bought a giant basket of cherries that we devoured on the spot. I have NEVER had such a delicious fruit treat in my life – the simplicity of the wooden basket and the deep red of the ripe, sweet cherries was sublime.

Another memory of cherries happened two and a half decades later. My family had just moved back to England and, while my husband was away, I decided to take my two young daughters for a weekend to the beach in Bournemouth. After spending the morning on the beach we walked around a bit to find some lunch and then bought some cherries at a fruit stand. We took the fruit back to the beach and sitting in our bathing suits, on a scratchy plaid picnic blanket, we “hoovered” (no better word) down the cherries – they were so good!

This quilt top is another project finished during the coronavirus lockdown period but I had finished all the elements of the squares beforehand. The cherry blocks were hand embroidered, the baskets were hand pieced and the nine patch blocks had been machined pieced. I trimmed everything to 61/2 inches and laid out the blocks in two stages as the quilt top was pieced in a diagonal set. It took quite a while, but where else was I going with lockdown restrictions in place? I love the result and once it is quilted I’ll call it “On the way home from Niagara Falls”.