Lockdown Productivity

As many of you know the UK is under strict lockdown rules right now and has been for four weeks.  I would have liked to have volunteered more to help during the crisis but the various avenues I tried didn’t pan out.  I did make some facemasks for various people so that makes me feel like I have contributed a little…only a very little though.

My sewing room, however, has never seen so much activity.  I have managed to finish four quilt tops that have been languishing in various places while I pursued a more active normal  lifestyle.  Now with time to spare and with hubby out working at the local supermarket (on crowd control and the hygiene station) I have started at the top and have been working my way through my quilting projects list.

The first top I finished is made with fabrics I purchased during my two trips to Australia.  It’s very colourful and a bit busy for some people but I love the memories the quilt evokes and there’s a story to tell from every square.  I had to be creative and piece my border – had just enough to create a canopy of Eucalyptus leaves at the top of the quilt with earth toned fabric at the bottom.

Australian Quilt top

A Drunkards’ Path quilt top came next.  I bought the pattern in Australia but I chose to use general fabrics from my stash to make the quilt.  It could have all gone terribly wrong, what with all the colour and pattern choices, but I think it blends well.  I love the offset borders that extend the pattern beyond a square.

Drunkards’ Path Quilt top

This quilt is a monster in size and weight as it is made from flannel and has a lot of applique leaves.  I started the applique in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when I visited my husband who was working there in 2011.  I used to tour the city in the 30-35 degree heat then come home for a swim and further cool off in the air-conditioned hotel room watching reruns of the old Hawaii 5-0 TV shows while appliquing lots of lime green!  Over the years I have taken the quilt out to finish the piecing but I never seemed to get to the end – then last week I did!

Memories of Malaysia

A few days ago, I finished piecing the final red and blue stars for this smaller quilt – I added the scrappy red and blue borders yesterday and I have a lovely red backing for this beauty which will make a lovely lap quilt for next winter. Hopefully when lockdown is over!!!! Keep safe everyone!

A heck of a lot of stars both pieced and appliqued!