Texas Quilt Museum

On the days off between Quilt Market and Quilt Festival we took a drive out to La Grange, home of the Texas Quilt Museum.  It’s about an hour west of Houston, and quite a small town, but it was chosen as the site of the TQM because it is situated equidistant between Houston, San Antonio and Austen, Texas.

Coincidentally, because of the Sapphire theme at Quilt Festival the TQM also had a display of historical blue and white quilts which form part of a collection of a local Texas quilter.  Next door to the TQM is a knitting/quilting shop called the Quilted Skein which was fun to browse around (although I was glad that I’m not a knitter because I might have done even more financial damage).  Outside of La Grange is a shop called the Texas Quilt Barn which also added to my baggage going home.