Quilt Festival, Oct/Nov 2019

As part of our trip to Houston, Texas I got to spend a day and a half at Quilt Festival which is open to the general public.  The huge halls of the conference were packed with enthusiastic quilters and it took a long time to get a coffee or lunch.  The vendors were doing a roaring trade but with having to pack any purchases  in a suitcase I spent most of my time looking at the quilts – so beautiful and so much talent!

The year 2019 was the 45th anniversary of Quilt Festival.  The theme was Sapphire and featured a display of blue and white quilts.  Rising high into the rafters and on BOTH sides of the display I got a crick in my neck from just looking and looking at the quilts occasionally feeling dizzy spinning around trying to see every detail.

Here are a few of my favourite quilts of the 1700+ in the show: