Merry Christmas 2018

This little robin was a practice silk-shading piece which leads me to believe that my skills in this area have improved.  However, he’s also a good reminder that the holidays are soon upon us!  We’re off to Helsinki, Finland for Christmas as the girls are all elsewhere for the holidays.  Looking forward to some snow and new adventures!

Naughty squirrel

We’ve had a crackly landline phone for the last few days and finally had to get a British Telecom technician to come have a look. After climbing the pole the guy told us that a squirrel had chewed some of the cables and water was getting into the line. I was happy to have a clear phone connection but Steve’s response was all for the squirrel, “Aw I hope he’s okay?”

Baking harmony

An amazing thing happened at our house today – Steve and I actually had the best Christmas baking day ever! We didn’t fight, we didn’t burn anything and Steve only sighed at my untidy cooking habits once or twice. Ask our kids as this is a truly a remarkable event – normally one of us wants to tip the basin of cookie dough over the other one’s head! Don’t get him to help you say? I can’t not as he’s so good at the steps that require patience, he times the baked items to perfection and he absolutely insists that the dishes are dried and put away before we’re done.

Bath Immersion

Had a lovely weekend with my youngest daughter – we visited a new quilt store, had breakfast for lunch, stayed in a lovely rural hotel with a view (see below), treated our bodies to a facial and hot pool soaks and ate a great steak dinner!  That was only the first day.

On the Sunday we had a fantastic breakfast at an old favourite haunt, wandered through the Bath Christmas market, completed most of our Christmas shopping lists and went through the Fashion Museum in the basement of the Assembly Rooms.

It was a great two day break in which we didn’t stop talking!