St Marie aux Mines – beautiful place for a quilt show!

The Alsace region of France is lovely with lots of little villages scattered around low mountain ranges. After finishing at the quilt show we broke the journey home with a short stay in Reims where we went to see the Taittinger champagne caves, Reims Cathedral of Notre Dame and the UNESCO Basilica de St. Remi. I took tons of stained glass photos to add to my burgeoning collection back home – not sure what I’ll ever need them for but I am so drawn to the colours and patterns especially on a sunny day.

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European Patchwork Championships

Really enjoyed visiting theĀ Alsace region of France attending the Sainte Marie Aux Mines quilt show with Steve as the driver and Claire as my shopping partner. The quilts were beautiful and inspiring including a 10 metre long single square quilt that took the maker exactly 10 years to create! (Not sure why she’d want to do that but mine is not to reason why.) And, yes, the photo of the woman with blond hair is painted in the background but quilted with details – amazing eh? Claire and I also took a class with Edyta Sitar and we both came away with another project to do! Edyta is an enthusiastic, very talented quilter and teacher and even this old hand benefitted from her methods.

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