Buzzzzy taking pictures

My daughter, Claire, and I have this competition going right now to see who can take the best photos of bees or bugs up close. Don’t ask me why, but I guess we both have fancy cameras and want to see who can use the technology best.

So Claire…after visits to Hampton Court Palace gardens and Mount Stewart gardens here’s my latest offering. Do you concede?

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Magical days in Northern Ireland

I just spent a couple of days in Northern Ireland attending the wedding of my cousin Barry’s daughter, Amy Jayne, to Sam Robinson. It was a busy wedding with lots of home grown flowers, Swarovski crystals, homemade wooden tables, stable lanterns and Amy in a gorgeous wedding outfit (not her normal jeans as threatened apparently). It was also a fantastic opportunity to catch up with some of my other cousins (and their families). Nice to see you Ken, Noreen, Barry and Sharon…!

On the second day, Steve and I went to see my cousin Barry and his wife Cindy. They breed Shetland Sheepdogs – two of whom who were knawing on my fingers and then little Ellie who sat so sweetly on my lap. Ellie has the most gorgeous face and is a blue marl colour with lots of black freckles dotting her little nose. It’s no wonder she’s Barry’s favourite at the moment.

At the wedding I also found out that my Dad taught at a school in Grey Abbey in roughly 1948. We had passed this little town on the way to the hotel the day before so we had to go back and get a picture of it (see below). It was a two room school back then. And wonder of wonders there was this wonderful shop across the road that sold antique quilts, embroidered linens, estate sale jewellery and other antiques. Only spent a little money on a couple of bits of vintage linen.










Birds in hand

Birds seem to be a part of my sewing activities these days – on the bottom an appliqué border that needs a vine and more leaves. On the top is my first attempt at crewel work – a pattern I got at a sewing show in London only a few months ago. Some people drink wine to relax I just grab a bag of Fruit Pastilles and keep working on my latest project!

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