Sardinia again – I love this place!

Blisteringly hot here in Villasumius, Sardinia. This is our view at breakfast.

IMG_0807Went exploring in town, then to the beach, then back to this pool then probably out to a pizzeria for dinner. I tell you this being lazy is very tiring. Another early night so we can repeat tomorrow!

Walked along one of the many beaches in this area at sunset. Tried to do some sand art like hearts and footprints but got soaked by rogue waves. Found a restaurant that has tables on the sand and fairy lights – booked for Friday night. I adore Sardinia!

IMG_2401 IMG_0809

Last day waaaah! Dinner on the beach tonight; perhaps three hours in Cagliari tomorrow then home. I tried to convince Steve to stay a few more days but the old meany said no. Who could resist a place that looks like this (pix taken from a mountain road)?

IMG_2540 IMG_2514

And, of course, there is always a flower picture or three…

IMG_2133 IMG_2451 IMG_2492