The lovely Isle of Thanet

Spent the May long weekend in the Isle of Thanet in eastern England. Visited Leeds Castle on the way and Canterbury Cathedral on the way back with various gardens and a couple of small museums on the way. Even had time for a walk along Broadstairs beach where the great British public were wearing jackets to keep warm but every child under two had a bare bum! These are some of my photos (and don’t worry there’s no nudity).

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An afternoon requiring the ultimate patience

Today was the ultimate test of my patience. It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to drive five miles to work this morning due to road works and a broken down bus. After work I decided I needed to drive to Camberley to go to the big Marks & Spencers for some things – M3 between Junction 3 & 4A had a 45 minutes delay. I was going to Junction 4A so turned around and went home, but M25 was chockablock so it took another hour to go the same five miles! Got a cup of tea, decided to look at Facebook, so computer starts important updates and took one hour to complete. Three hours and 40 minutes spent waiting today and for people who know me that is an accomplishment in itself!!