My firework season – too long & loud

It is Diwali today and there’s lots of fireworks going off. Not nice continuous displays but random “gunshots” that kept every child awake and freak out a lot of pets. It was fine at 7.00 pm – they are entitled to celebrate too, but it’s now 11.30 and enough is enough. How about a little courtesy?

I celebrated every holiday and season in one night tonight. At 5.30 pm walking Peps we passed a few Trick or Treaters. There was the boom, pop, bang of the inevitable fireworks in the distance and one house had a Christmas tree in the living room – I kid you not!! All this was without a coat as it was a record 23.5 degrees C this Halloween. Finally when I got home I baked a birthday cake for a certain Scorpio I know and love. Somehow the Christmas tree doesn’t seem unusual?

However, we did have a great time at the NPL Fireworks on November 1st – a proper display to music rather than this perpetual boom, bang, sizzle, pop nonsense.

10 November

Finally, a reasonably quiet night around our neighbourhood – few fireworks. Got annoyed at a girl at work today who said that Guy Fawkes Night was the most British thing we have and that it was a symbol of our democracy. The fireworks are great she said. She doesn’t have any pets, young children, people scared of loud noises or elderly people living at her house who have been terrified for three weeks now. Next year I am booking a week in France just to get away from the British idea of fun…and I can say that as I was born here.

Guy Fawkes is on November 5th but they celebrate here from the moment they can buy fireworks in the grocery store and both weekends around the 5th usually have big displays as well. When I was a kid it was just one night and it was so much fun – our neighbourhood pooled our money and the Dads did a bit of a simple display – all the Mums made treats and backed potatoes. It was usually cold so there was a bonfire to represent the fact that Fawkes was burned at the stake. Wonderful. Nowadays I feel like I live in a war zone.