Two quilt secrets unveiled

I made the first quilt for a wedding present for Laura’s boyfriend’s cousin who got married last weekend. Now that the event has past I thought you might like to see a picture of my latest creation – quilting as usual by my favourite machine quilter, Lisa at Seattle Quilt Company.

The second picture is a quilt top that I sent round to some magazines to see if they would be interested in my design. No luck but, hey, I like it anyway and it’s gorgeous flannel.



What was he thinking?

Well, Steve won that round. Going out to dinner I suggested he go and change his shirt. He goes upstairs and changes into a blue Hawaiian shirt that he knows I hate. “I’d rather you wore the other one,” says I. He changes back thinking for a brief moment that he has achieved some sort of marital dominance. Don’t they know we shall prevail?

You will go to the ball

Had an awesome time at the NPL summer ball last night – dodgem cars and a carousel included. I can also say I have now been clubbing if that is the pounding beat and packed dance floor where everyone bounces in a giant crowd with their arms swaying? What ever happened to a nice slow number where you could cuddle up to your sweetie? Hangover today is all in the legs where my hip begs for some Ibuprofen. Still it was such fun!