The irony of sleep

Tossing and turning at 4 am so decided to move to spare room. We have two. Double bed had new quilt in progress on top as it’s my “design bed”. The new queen bed had a clean laundry pile and a suitcase on one side so I couldn’t get under the covers. But hey, I’m a quilter so instant bedding! Next step was to sort out the new phone as an alarm – so what tune had Claire programmed for me to wake up to? Tossed and turned some more – by the time the alarm went off I had been asleep for about 15 minutes! Typical eh?

Womanhood issues

Oh, I hate being a woman and over 50 sometimes. The indignity of having your tender bits squashed between two plastic plates while your bum is extended out at a 45 degree angle. And don’t tell me it’s for my own good, as I know it is, but there must be a simpler and more respectful way!