Duct tape and New Year’s Day

It was a funny old New Year’s Day – Steve locked his Hotmail account for a month; I poured a full glass of diet Coke over the coffee table which held Steve’s new iPad and Kindle; Claire had my car over at Nathan’s where the passenger mirror got broken off and the cauli cheese sauce wouldn’t thicken for dinner! Premonitions of what 2014 is going to be like?
Luckily not!  Steve managed to get his computer fixed; the carpet was the only thing that got wet in the Coke debacle and, if I do say so myself, it was the best cauliflower cheese and gammon meal I have ever made! I guess it’s one’s attitude that makes a situation into a problem although I am still not happy driving to work tomorrow with a duct taped mirror!

New Zealand Christmas quilt

Changed my sewing room around yesterday and had a good clear out in the process – doesn’t that always renew the creative juices? I’ve attached a picture of my New Zealand Christmas quilt that I started at a symposium in Christchurch in 2003. Finally got it handquilted and hung this year. Quilting at times is not a fast hobby!


Valkenburg Markets

Steve and I went on a bus tour to the Christmas markets before the holidays. We ate a lot of pie with whipped cream and enjoyed a bit of shopping with gluhwein and potato pancakes. We went to see a Nativity scene that was carved out of sand – isn’t the camel gorgeous exhausted after his long trip from the East! The bus driver also dressed up as Santa and amused passersby as we waited for the bus to fill up.