I took the plunge!

This past week I finished two more quilt tops, both of which required extensive button-hole applique.  I have attached a photo of the Alex Anderson quilt.  I got the pattern in Chicago when I went to the quilt show there with my sister Diana many moons ago.  The trees were hand-pieced as it was easier to work with the bias edges and some of them went with me on the Queen Mary 2 and were made up during the voyage to New York in October 2012.

The second quilt will have to remain a mystery to you as I have taken the plunge and submitted the design for possible inclusion in a quilting magazine.  The basic design is a log cabin, with a half-square triangle border, but it’s what I have done in the wide inner border that makes the design truly my own.  If I get a negative response then I won’t be too upset, but I just thought that since this quilt is really mine from beginning to end (as I didn’t copy it from anywhere) that I should grab this one chance fornotoriety.  Wish me luck!