Age Group World Triathlon Championships

Claire, Laura, Adam and I went to Hyde Park in London last Sunday to watch daughter #1 compete in the Age Group World Triathlon championships.  We saw Jillian’s group jump in and swim around the Serpentine, then we walked over and cheered heartily for her on the bike ride.  Next we caught her twice on the run and heaved a great sigh of relief, for her sake, as she crossed the finish line.  I don’t think she got the result she wanted, but she finished the distance and that, in itself, is amazing!

Social Gaff

Just commented to one of my less known neighbours as he carried a baby around his front yard, “I didn’t know you had grandchildren?” Nearby his wife was putting a three year old boy into a booster seat in their car. “That would be fine,” he replied, “except these aren’t our grandchildren…they’re our children!” Ooops, but in my defence he does have grey hair and I’ve never seen the kids around before. I beat a hasty and embarrassed retreat.

Rainy day Sunday

Yesterday afternoon, we took Peps for a walk to Henley. We decided to walk from Mill Meadow’s car park to Shiplake College, about an hour return trip, says Steve. Two hours later (Pepper valiantly trucked along for the entire duration!!) we returned to our car having only walked three quarters of the entire distance and back again. The rain descended heavily for the last mile or so. In the car we had a flask of sweet tea and two pieces of homemade carrot cake each – it didn’t seem like it would get any better than that. Then suddenly the band, who were giving a Sunday concert at the Henley bandstand (about 100 yards from our car), burst into a repetoire of James Bond music. We ended our long damp walk having cake and tea surrounded by lovely melodies and, unfortunately, the smell of wet dog.

Recently finished quilt tops

I had a sewing marathon and finished the following four quilt tops this week.  Some of these have been sitting around for two years – which is probably how long it will take for me to get them quilted.   At least I now have a sense of closure!

Provencal Therapy reborn (based on a Kim Diehl pattern)

Diane’s Garden with button-hole applique (Details by Diane pattern)


Japanese Elegance with Sashiko (Seattle Quilt Company class)

Glacier (Lisa Moore pattern) – started on the day when we should have been in Rome for Christmas but, fittingly, there was too much snow at Heathrow so our flight was cancelled.


Wishing for the crisp cool of Autumn

Wishful thinking – today I went armed with socks, wellies and a rain jacket on my walk with Peps at Runnymede. I haven’t worn socks for six months so nearly tipped over in the parking lot trying to put them on. The wellies protected my feet from some slightly dewy grass and got very hot – would have been cooler to wear my sandels as Runnymede had no mud in sight despite the promised rain. The raincoat went round my waist and kept my middle nice and dry from the ten raindrops that actually fell. Guess it’s not as autumnal as I thought it was going to be!