One-sided conversation

  • Had an interesting conversation with a lady at the park this morning in which I didn’t say a thing! She pointed at Pepper, “Is that a Norwich Terrier? Do you know how I can tell?” I opened my mouth to answer, but she provided all the details and didn’t require a response. “This is a lovely park isn’t it? There’s lots of shade and I have friends nearby so I can go have coffee.” Blah, blah, blah…then she said, “Well, we must get on” as if I had been holding her up! “Have a nice afternoon”, I ventured to say. She raised her hand in farewell and didn’t say a word.

Britons at the Beach

Had a lovely time with Steve and Peps at Aldeburgh, Sussex today. With its shingle beach, quaint houses, huge gulls and weathered boats it was a great chance to take lots of photos. There was a hundred yard queue at the fish and chop shop so it must be a good spot. However, we made do with sandwiches and cherries on the beach – bonus – no sand in the food!

The best in town!
Getting lost in the shingle!
Love the tutu!

Sunday siesta Time to read and read...