Houston bound!

Well, I am off to Houston, Texas to perhaps the biggest and best quilt show in the world!  I’ll only get to attend the Houston Quilt Festival for a day or two but I will get to spend four days immersed in the quilting world as I attend the inaugural Threads of Success conference being held in conjunction with Houston’s Quilt Market which is not open to the general public.

Along with two full days of lectures I will also go to the Schoolhouse Series which I have heard is exciting, scary and fun all at the same time!  Hundreds of lectures, demos, workshops and samples will be delivered all day, rotating every 20 minutes!!  For this usually peace-seeking person I am sure I will be blown away by the experience.

To top it all I am also taking a book proposal with me that features eight of my own projects as well as three of the quilt tops.  I hope to get some ideas about how I can take the book to publication or perhaps someone might be interested in one of my quilts for a quilt pattern or magazine pattern?

Here’s hoping!  Wish me luck!

I get there in the end!

Long story with this Christmas quilt. I bought the pattern at the International Quilt Market in Chicago in 2006. I started hand-piecing the trees on the Queen Mary 2 during our 25th anniversary trip. Appliqed the bulbs and hand/machine quilted the top during the last year and it is now ready for Christmas 2016! 10 years in the making, but I just love Alex Anderson’s design and the modern colours for the season.


Catching up on some quilt tops – one since 1998!

I decided recently to have a concentrated sewing binge and finish a few quilt tops – some of which were just sitting there for months waiting for borders. I hate sewing on borders. The Mariner’s Compass quilt top I started BEFORE we left Calgary in 1998!!! Now I have to save up the money to buy the backings and to get them all quilted – another delay before they can be used. However with only three more tops to go before I am caught up I am currently looking through some of my quilt books for the next thing to start…hmmm!






Two quilt secrets unveiled

I made the first quilt for a wedding present for Laura’s boyfriend’s cousin who got married last weekend. Now that the event has past I thought you might like to see a picture of my latest creation – quilting as usual by my favourite machine quilter, Lisa at Seattle Quilt Company.

The second picture is a quilt top that I sent round to some magazines to see if they would be interested in my design. No luck but, hey, I like it anyway and it’s gorgeous flannel.



My experience at TESAA

The block I started and finished from Elly’s class – she signed it and worked on part of a leaf!  The class group are shown in the second photo with some unfinished work.

The block in the middle at the bottom is my attempt at “Welcome Spring” the theme for the TESAA competition this year.  No one won because no one wanted to give their blocks away including me!!

The quilt top I started in Judy Severson’s Broderie Perse class – love the technique!

New Zealand Christmas quilt

Changed my sewing room around yesterday and had a good clear out in the process – doesn’t that always renew the creative juices? I’ve attached a picture of my New Zealand Christmas quilt that I started at a symposium in Christchurch in 2003. Finally got it handquilted and hung this year. Quilting at times is not a fast hobby!


I took the plunge!

This past week I finished two more quilt tops, both of which required extensive button-hole applique.  I have attached a photo of the Alex Anderson quilt.  I got the pattern in Chicago when I went to the quilt show there with my sister Diana many moons ago.  The trees were hand-pieced as it was easier to work with the bias edges and some of them went with me on the Queen Mary 2 and were made up during the voyage to New York in October 2012.

The second quilt will have to remain a mystery to you as I have taken the plunge and submitted the design for possible inclusion in a quilting magazine.  The basic design is a log cabin, with a half-square triangle border, but it’s what I have done in the wide inner border that makes the design truly my own.  If I get a negative response then I won’t be too upset, but I just thought that since this quilt is really mine from beginning to end (as I didn’t copy it from anywhere) that I should grab this one chance fornotoriety.  Wish me luck!