A collection of joy

This is a bit of a cheat – I haven’t had the time to post lately as I have been busy working in the vaccination programme here in Somerset and Devon. I have also been concentrating on my RSN Whitework unit which will very soon be finished. So to cover the last four months I thought I would post a selection of photos that, in themselves, make no sense but which bring me great pleasure reliving the moments.

Franklin the turtle

Last week, I went for a walk along the Taunton and Bridgwater (yes the ‘e’ is supposed to be missing) Canal. Along the way I met a couple who had two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers with them. I asked if the dogs were keen to jump in the canal because being a Toller they were bred to retrieve ducks for hunters.”They both hate the water,” was the reply.

It reminded me of that Paulette Bourgeois storybook when the kids were little. Franklin the Turtle was afraid to go into his shell and eventually had to get a nightlight for comfort. There was a lion who was afraid of loud noises and had to get headphones for when he roared. There was a duck that needed water wings…well you get the idea.

Beside the water

We had two fabulous trips out this week both due to our house sale. Researching houses in Northamptonshire we booked and visited the National Trust property at Stowe. The sky was amazing and I love the reflection of the building in the pond.

Recently, the buyer wanted to come and measure some things in the house (he’s keen) so we took a drive to Mill Meadows in Henley-on-Thames and I walked from there to Temple Island. Walking along the river is so lovely especially watching all the people “messing about in boats”.

National Trust Stowe
Temple Island, Henley-on-Thames

Missing Pepper

I had a good long walk at Bushy Park yesterday having a wee cry about Pepper (again) remembering all the times we did that walk together come rain or shine. Near the end I met a man sitting on a bench with his gorgeous long-haired Jack Russell Terrier puppy snuffling in the nearby grass. She was fourteen weeks old and an absolute charmer. The man and I chatted about dogs for a few minutes and then he asked me if I had any. “We lost our Norwich Terrier in November,” I said, “he was nearly fifteen!”

“That’s really hard,” he said, “but here’s my advice. Give yourself a year [to grieve], travel abroad somewhere (not hard for me) then come back and get another dog.” Simple wisdom.

Pepper Wilson, 2004-2019

Christmas at Blenheim Palace

In one of the grandest settings in England, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire plays host to three Christmas events not to be missed. One is a lovely Christmas market situated in wooden huts with a mix of food and craft stalls. Despite one guy who tried to sell us a subscription service for flowers and who wouldn’t take no for an answer I did manage to buy a Christmas pudding all the way from Australia (!) and a pair of Wristees which were great for using my camera in the cold.

The second event is Alice in the Palace where some of the interior rooms are decorated for the season on the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Not being a big fan of the book Alice in Wonderland my family and I decided to give it a miss in favour of the third offering – the outdoor light trail. A mile long, which took an hour and half to walk, the trail featured string art, a colourful waterfall, two light tubes to walk through, a penguin house and a light show on a palace wall. It was all very well organised with loads of double decker buses ferrying people from an offsite parking lot to the main entrance right to the front door of the palace. A little snow might have added to the seasonal ambience but one can’t have everything.

Oh to be in England…

Living in the UK is exasperating, breathtaking and unusual all at the same time. Steve and I sat in a traffic jam for half an hour this morning only to discover it went on for several more miles. We turned around and went to another National Trust property to walk the dog and have lunch. Here there was birdsong and amongst fields of buttercups there was the most amazing view of an old church and colourful farmers fields.

On the way home we saw a motorcycle hearse with a casket inside driving down the motorway. Obviously taking a bike enthusiast to his/her funeral – I have never seen the like before. It was a bit of a strange day but we had the top down on my car and the sun was shining!!

Naughty squirrel

We’ve had a crackly landline phone for the last few days and finally had to get a British Telecom technician to come have a look. After climbing the pole the guy told us that a squirrel had chewed some of the cables and water was getting into the line. I was happy to have a clear phone connection but Steve’s response was all for the squirrel, “Aw I hope he’s okay?”

Baking harmony

An amazing thing happened at our house today – Steve and I actually had the best Christmas baking day ever! We didn’t fight, we didn’t burn anything and Steve only sighed at my untidy cooking habits once or twice. Ask our kids as this is a truly a remarkable event – normally one of us wants to tip the basin of cookie dough over the other one’s head! Don’t get him to help you say? I can’t not as he’s so good at the steps that require patience, he times the baked items to perfection and he absolutely insists that the dishes are dried and put away before we’re done.

It’s not proper decorum!

The British schoolgirl in me has a hereditary rule that one doesn’t wear white shoes or sandels or go without tights until after Easter and winter shoes and tights must go on after early September! It had something to do with summer and winter uniforms and somehow it’s stuck in my behaviour no matter what the temperature! Today, however, I’m rebelling. I want to wear a skirt for a nice Sunday lunch with the kids but I’m damned if I’m going to put the damn tights on again. Ssssh don’t tell anyone. I’m living on the edge – I’m going tightless BEFORE Easter!!